Weight Loss Diet or Natural Diet?

What kind of diet do you think will be best for helping you to lose weight? This article takes the bull by the horns and calls out the diet foods and asks if they are any better at helping you to lose weight than good, old fashioned natural foods.

Low Calorie Diet vs. Natural Diet

Part of the monumental surge in the weight loss industry hinges around the use of certain diets, or prepared diet foods. On the surface, these may look more like they’re going to help you to shed those unwanted extra pounds, but you have to remember they are advertised and marketed that way. In other words, if you think that special diet foods are all they’re cracked up to be, think again.

The alternative is to eat natural, fresh foods that have not been tampered with by manufacturers that love to process everything they get their hands. They pump it full of additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, aromas and colors, bulking agents, salt and sugar. They do that so that it looks, smells and tastes great while looking like it’s a lot of food for the money.

Well, you need to look past all the marketing hype and advertising wizardry that gets you not only to buy the stuff but to believe it’s the real deal. In fact the only way you can be totally 100% certain of what food contains is to have prepared and cooked it yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, the diet foods industry is not feeding you bad food. It generally provides you with nutritious, low calorie meals that can help you to lose weight. It’s just not as good as the real thing, which is food in its natural, unprocessed state.

After all, when it comes to weight loss there is only one thing you need to remember above all else:

To lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn It’s really that simple. And when you get your head around this basic fact, you’ll also realize that in order for you to get rid of your spare tire, you simply need to eat less. But if you want to maintain a good level of health, which you should, then make sure that food is natural. That’s because it will contain more nutrients and fiber than process food ever can.

When I talk about natural foods, I mean fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat bought from stores that sell those items straight off the counter. Not the stuff that comes in cans, packages or lives in the freezer department. Food markets are a good place to start, or even better if you have a local farm produce store that gets all its stuff from local farms. That way, you know the food you buy has not been sitting on a truck being transported halfway across the country. better still is if that local farm is organic.

Organic food contains more nutrients and is almost totally devoid of the harmful pesticides and other agricultural chemicals that the food that comes from nonorganic farms contains. Best of all are the fruits and vegetable you grow yourself, because then you have total control over what goes on them. If you are keen on being healthy, then you’ll ensure that nothing but water and natural fertilizers will go onto your plants. Of course, we can’t all grow our own stuff, so organic produce is the next best thing.

This is even better for your health and will help you maintain a healthy body that will find its own perfect weight as long as you stick to real food, avoid processed food and keep your portions small!