How do we do the Zen meditation the proper way?

Zen meditation is normally practiced sitting on a cushion or blanket on the floor or ground if you do it outside.

In Zen meditation, there are two main items that are called Zafu and Zabuton. The Zabuton is a mat placed on the floor and the Zafu is a cushion that is placed on top of the Zabuton. Both items can help to take the pressure off your legs during Zen meditation.

The idea of using cushions during your Zen meditation sessions is to help you focus your mind on the meditation itself. Zen meditation works best if you do not feel any aches or pains that you might experience whilst sitting on a hard ground or wooden floor.

Traditionally, Zen meditation is practiced only in a sitting position. The Zen meditator is sitting down with his or her legs and hands folded and with a spine that is kept upright during the Zen meditation.

There are several different Zen meditation sitting positions that you can take during your Zen meditation practice.

Keep checking the internet for some additional Zen meditation position illustrations if you have difficulty on your own and keep in mind that the internet might always be a good option for your meditation research.

It is especially helpful for any type of meditation illustration type of research and there are tons of inspirational and creative meditation position illustrations that you can find via research and turn them into your meditation position models.

If you type in the phrase “Zen meditation position illustrations” into Google, you will find the most inspirational Zen meditation positions.

Always remember that Google is your best friend when it comes to inspiration and creative ways to add to your collection of Zen meditation positions.

Once you have reached your desired Zen meditation sitting position, make sure to half lower your eyelids. Your eyes should not be fully open nor fully closed. This eye position will help you to stay awake and it also helps with not being distracted by outside objects that are surrounding you.

When you start the Zen meditation, you will start out by concentrating.
Concentrating involves that you are going to focus your mind on your breath.

As you become more and more experienced with Zen meditation, you will find that you can concentrate and focus your mind and what took you a long time when you started out is now taking you mere seconds.

Some of my meditation students have noticed that they achieved best results with Zen meditation by joining a local Zen meditation group. They tell me about their positive experiences that they have achieved and that they have been getting the most out of the various teachings associated with Zen meditation together with the support of a Zen meditation group.

I recommend you check out your local ad section or business directory in order to find out more about joining a Zen meditation group.

You can do the research online and places like Zen meditation meetup groups in your local area might be a good start.

You can also check online places like Linked in groups that are focusing on Zen meditation or local Facebook Zen meditation Fan Pages.

Once you have done your initial online research and found an interesting zen meditation group in your area, you will be surprised what joining a local Zen meditation group can do for you.

In the next article we are exploring yet another meditation technique called the guided meditation technique.