So how do we do the new age meditation the proper way?

Many meditators, myself included, do find that the easiest way to meditate is to simply sit or lie back and listen to the pre-recorded sound of a new age meditation audio.

There are plenty of meditation audio programs out there to choose from. I will also be covering some of the best meditation programs, including new age meditation audio programs.

I will be discussing these at the end of this guide in a separate section and I am only including meditation programs that have been tried, proven, and tested by myself and my students.

Let’s talk about new age meditation. Did you know that new age meditation can also take the form of a background track. This happens usually in the form of a rainfall or some other natural sounds. Behind this rainfall or natural sound track, the brain is exposed to some other sounds called binaural beats or some other tones.

These “binaural beats” and other type of new age tones are designed to induce a natural meditative state and all of this really happens without any of the hard work that normally goes into the traditional meditation process.

Some traditional meditators consider the new age meditation cheating. Personally, I find it the quickest and easiest way to make meditation work because new age meditation represents our modern lifestyle.

All you need to know about new age meditation is the following.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable meditative position and place your headphones on your ears and listen to the sounds.
The pre-recorded new age meditation track does all the rest for you.

My favorite of these types of pre-recorded new age meditation programs is the Centerpointe Holosync system, which can be found at

I personally use this new age meditation system every evening after a nice walk outside with a loved one, and after having taken a nice warm shower and a cup of herbal meditation tea, and before I go to sleep.

The Centerpointe Holosync system has a number of different levels that you can choose from and which take you deeper and deeper and into your highest level of meditative state. I have been using this system for a number of years and have noticed lots of positive changes as I am progressing and going through my daily meditation ritual.

I have tried out almost all of the most popular meditation techniques in order to be able to understand the differences and similarities of all of them, but since I have been adding the new age meditation method to my inventory, I have noticed that I have become generally calmer and more relaxed as opposed to the other more traditional meditation techniques.

I am applying a mix of more than one meditation methods, but the new age meditation that I am practicing before bed time is one of my favorite meditation techniques, and since I have been actively applying this easy to use new age method to my evening meditation process, I feel totally in tune with myself.

I like it so much because, if for some reason I am not able to do my morning meditation, I am still able to fulfill my daily meditation ritual requirements. No matter how tired I feel after a hard day of work, I am still able to do my daily meditation ritual with this new age meditation technique and I am able to do it because this meditation technique is so easy and effortless to apply.

This is my secret meditation method and this is how I am able to achieve a daily meditation ritual lifestyle every day of the week!

Heck, even if I am very tired after a long day of work and have not been able to do any of my other day time meditation techniques, I still achieve my daily meditation ritual with this genius meditation method.

The deep and proper meditation ritual lifestyle that I enjoy living requires me to at least practice one type of daily meditation exercise. If you like you can refer back to my checklist to revise the criteria for a proper and deep meditation ritual lifestyle.

Using the new age meditation method helps me achieve my goal.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not only practicing this one effortless new age meditation technique as the only method of meditation. No way!

However, if there is no time left before I have to get to sleep, or if I am already too tired for doing anything else, this is a wonderful and effortless method.

It is wonderful because I am getting done my daily meditation exercise and thus am able to enjoy a lifestyle that includes meditation!
This method has allowed me to achieve a true meditation lifestyle which would not have been possible without this method

Without this new age meditation method my program would not work because there are many days of the week where I am just not able to apply a more traditional meditation method.

It is kind of my secret method and the reason why I am able to achieve a daily meditation ritual lifestyle or a life that includes meditation on a daily basis.

In my opinion achieving a true meditation lifestyle is the only way to go in order to enjoy life in the most beneficial way.

The new age meditation technique has enabled me to lead this awesome meditation lifestyle that I would not want to miss for just a single day.

Now you know my true secret ingredient for achieving the ultimate meditation

lifestyle. It is so powerful and effortless and this is why it works and has never failed me once. I do not consider this cheating but this is a method that automatically fulfills the requirements that have to be fulfilled for leading a daily meditation ritual and a lifestyle with meditation!

A lifestyle with meditation in turn will bring you great joy, happiness, health, energy, and unlimited possibilities and this is why respecting the rules and guidelines of my program “The Daily Meditation Ritual Lifestyle” are so critical.

You can achieve this goal of a meditation lifestyle by including the new age meditation into your day if you are short in time.

Use this secret shortcut anytime you need to and as often as you need to and if you do so your success with this program is going to be guaranteed because you are following the guidelines.

Do not skip the daily meditation ritual for one day.

If you have no time left before going to sleep just replace your chosen meditation technique that you usually apply with the new age meditation technique.

If you follow these instructions, you are going to be able to lead the ultimate meditation lifestyle that will bring you unlimited benefits on all levels!

Here you have it, the new age meditation is the success ingredient and the reason why this program works so well!

The new age meditation can be done on a daily basis and everyone can take at least 5 minutes out of his or her day or before bed time and listen to a new age audio program without taking any mental effort.

  • This is the perfect method for a beginner to achieve a meditation lifestyle in no time.
  • This is the perfect method for an advanced meditator to improve or add the secret sauce that turns meditation into a true meditation lifestyle.
  • This is the perfect method for someone who loves meditation but lacks time.

Let’s recap and repeat why this method is so powerful for anyone who practices meditation.

My checklist from above requires a daily meditation practice. This requirement is easily fulfilled with the new age meditation technique because it can easily be repeated on a daily basis because everyone can spare at least 5 minutes out of the day and follow an effortless audio program.

This is a great method for those who are really busy because the new age meditation technique helps everyone achieve a daily meditation ritual and thus a true meditation lifestyle.

Everyone who is thinking that a lifestyle that includes a daily meditative process might be impossible because of time constraints is advised to rethink this because the new age meditation technique makes a lifestyle with meditation possible.

Heck, everyone who applies my checklist together with this new age meditation technique is going to achieve a daily meditation ritual. A daily meditation ritual is the basis for creating a meditation lifestyle which is the ultimate goal of this program!


Because a proper meditation lifestyle is going to bring you the most valuable benefits on all levels. You are going to lead a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life and everything that you want is going to happen!

All you have to do is apply the daily meditation ritual the proper way and as instructed in this program.

You should by now be able to choose one meditation technique from all the meditation techniques that are covered in the guide and make active use of the new age meditation technique whenever you need it or lack time.

There are no more excuses why you are not able to accomplish the daily meditation ritual because the new age meditation only takes 5 minutes and takes no effort on your part.

Please take some time now and evaluate what specific meditation technique you are going to choose as your main meditation method and replace it with the new age meditation method whenever you need it.

Get started with the daily meditation ritual today!

You can revise the Daily Meditation Ritual guidelines once again and go through the checklist below:

  • Choose one of the meditation methods from one of the meditation technique articles
  • Choose a time of day (morning, lunch, afternoon, evening) when you are not going to be inerrupted. Make sure to repeat your meditation on a daily basis.
  • Choose a placid place where you feel cosy, comfortable and where you can relax.
  • Replace your chosen meditation technique with the new age meditation technique whenever you need or for whatever reason. Just do it!

Just stick to these 4 simple rules and you will achieve a proper and deep meditation ritual and with it the ultimate meditation lifestyle.