So what exactly do you need to know about the healing meditation technique?

When you are just starting out, it is probably best to focus on your own healing, so that is what we will concentrate on first.

In your mind’s eye, fill the area that needs healing with a bright healing light. Once you get proficient at this healing meditation technique, you can go ahead and research online the different colors that are said to help even more with the healing process. Type into Google terms like “healing meditation colors”, “colors for healing process”, or any other variations.

As a starter, I recommend to use a bright white light for your healing process and visualize the area that needs healing with the bright white light and flood it with that bright white light in your mind’s eye.

See everything brilliantly illuminated. The affected area should be visualized and start the healing process from there and going through the entire healing process and do this as long you see fit and until the state of entire health has mentally been achieved.

Some meditators find it very helpful to visualize their white blood cells attacking the harmful elements in the affected area, while others find that they can build their own mental construction team of miniature experts via their visualization process.

This mental construction team of miniature experts goes for the healing process and the reconstruction of the affected area. In their mind’s eye the meditators are visualizing this construction team of miniature experts. If you like visualization you can visualize this expert team putting the ill and affected area back to a normal and healed state.

Just think about the power of this type of visualization. It is fantastic and it lets your mind do the work while you perform your healing meditation process.

You can do your visualization the following way.

Visualize the area that needs to be healed and transformed into a state of pure health. If you find it difficult to “visualize” the affected area, then just imagine what it would feel like if that affected part of your body was completely healed and in a perfect state of health.

It does not matter if you do not get all the details completely right at first. Just get a feeling of what will happen. Your mind is powerful on its own and it is so powerful that it will go ahead and fill in the gaps automatically for you – all you are helping with is telling it the direction that you would like it to go.

I hope by now you have really understood the power and benefits of the healing meditation and it is up to you to choose the right meditation technique for your own situation.

In order to find the proper meditation technique for your lifestyle, I suggest you first go through the whole guide because I am still covering other types of meditation techniques. Get a feeling of all the types of meditation techniques first and then make your final choice.

So in your quest for finding that one meditation technique that fits your own lifestyle best, let’s continue with the next meditation method and that is called the Zen meditation.