In the introduction, I have already talked about the many benefits of guided meditation and pointed out that guided meditation is a good option for a meditation beginner because it is an easy way to get started.

In this article about guided meditation, I am going deeper and show you what guided meditation is all about so that you can decide for yourself if it is the right meditation technique for you.

Guided meditations is a good place to start your meditation practice and I recommend it to every beginner who wants to get started with meditation because it is possible and easy for a beginner to guide himself or herself through the entire meditation process.

The easiest guided meditations to follow are pre-recorded guided meditation sessions and all you have to do is sit back and listen to the sound of the instructions.

A guided meditation will usually begin by taking you to a quiet and placid place. Some typical places that you are asked to visualize are:

  • A peaceful beach with the sound of the soft waves that are flooding to the shore.
  • A calm garden with beautiful flowers, butterflies or birds that sing and sometimes there is a river with streaming water.
  • A quiet forest that you enjoy with a babbling brook and the sounds of nature and wild life.

Once you are in this placid place, you will be guided to notice your senses like your feelings, sounds, smells and all the other sensations that you are going to experience during the guided meditation session.

For example, if you are in a flower/butterfly garden or forest, you will probably be guided to notice the feeling of the fresh grass that tickles your feet and the flowers that you smell.

If you are visualizing a beach scene during your guided meditation, you will be guided to notice the feeling of the warm sand and the salty breeze of the sea.

As you go through your guided meditation session, you will gradually explore the surroundings, bringing in the other sensations that you are supposed to experience as you explore the place that the guided meditation is taking you to.

You should be aware that guided meditation can be mixed with elements of hypnosis, and a hypnotic deepening routine might be used to drop your state of mind down into a meditative state of consciousness.

This hybrid guided meditation mixed with hypnosis technique is even more powerful than the less extreme guided meditation.

As you are exploring your options, be aware of the two forms of guided meditation and decide which one you want to start with.

I recommend to you as a beginner to start with the regular guided meditation and as you progress you can always add more hypnosis elements. Do not overwhelm yourself in the beginning and do not choose a technique that is too hard to follow.

You can always do the more complicated hybrid version of the guided meditation later.

In the beginning you must stick to your daily meditation ritual and if it is too hard to do you will quit. Stick to the easiest form of the guided meditation technique first and go from there.

If you are progressing like this and stick to the instructions, you will make sure to get the best benefits out of meditation and that is the only way to go. You will achieve a deep and proper meditation ritual and you will be able to integrate your daily meditation effortlessly into your lifestyle if you follow this directions.

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