So what is chakra meditation all about and why is it so exciting?

Chakra meditation is used to energize the seven different energy centers that are located throughout your body.
These centers are:

• Crown chakra.
The crown chakra like the name suggests is based outside your body and just above your head and this chakra is considered to be the master chakra that controls all the other chakras. The crown chakra is represented by a vilolet color.

• Ajna or third eye chakra.
The ajna or third eye chakra is linked with your pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small gland and it is located in your brain.

• Throat chakra.
This chakra is linked with your thyroid gland and this chakra is represented by the color of blue.
• Heart chakra.
The heart chakra is located at your heart and the heart chakra is linked with your immune system. Keeping your heart chakra in tune is going to help with your overall well-being and health and the heart chakra is represented with a green color.

• Solar plexus chakra.
The solar plexus chakra corresponds with your pancreas and adrenal glands. The solar plexus chakra does play a very valuable role in your digestion system and it is represented by a yellow color.
• Sacral chakra.
The sacral chakra is located in your groin. You have to be aware that the sacral chakra is related to your emotions, your sexuality and your creativity.
If the sacral chakra is out of balance you may notice mood swings. The sacral chakra is represented by an orange color.

• Base or root chakra.
The base or root chakra is associated with your instincts that control the survival and security instincts and it is located at the base of your spine. The base chakra is represented by a red color.

How does a typical chakra meditation look like?

The typical chakra meditation will start at your base or root chakra and from there it gradually works up the way through each of the other chakras until it reaches the top crown chakra.

As the meditation progresses, each chakra will be balanced and that is the goal of the chakra meditation. This type of meditation will work on each chakra in turn and it will focus on getting the body and mind balanced.

It is a fact that imbalances happen over time and chakra meditation helps balancing back the chakras into their natural state of balance and thus chakra meditation helps with the healing process of the body and a healthy mind/body connection. The goal of the chakra meditation is to move each of the different chakras until they are in a perfect balanced state with each other.

When starting out with this type of meditation, it is probably best to use a prerecorded guided meditation that walks you through each of the chakras and that gives you guided instructions in order to ensure that the balancing process is followed by you exactly as stated by the instructions.

The chakra meditation is a very complex type of meditation and at the same time a very exciting one because it involves all the different chakras and their complexities.

In my mind it is one of the most exciting meditation methods and you can achieve great benefits if you base your daily meditation ritual on the chakra meditation.

If you like to stick with the chakra meditation, I suggest to get some additional inspiration online. If you are typing in the phrase “guided chakra meditation” or other variations of this phrase, you will be able to find some qualitative programs that will get you started with chakra meditation. From there on you can progress with your chakra meditation and gradually add some more complex chakra meditation programs to your collection as you get more experienced.

The main thing as with all the other meditation techniques is to stick with it and develop a daily meditation ritual.
Once you are able to do your chakra meditation on a daily basis, you will achieve the benefits that come from this type of meditation.

If you are choosing the charkra meditation as your favorite meditation and if you are able to stick to it on a daily basis, you are going to achieve the proper and deep meditation ritual lifestyle that every meditator is aiming for.

In the next article we are looking at yet another meditation technique, the Christian meditation technique.