Learn to Cook!

Can you cook? This article looks at the very simple fact that when you prepare and cook your own food, you naturally cut out so many of the bad foods that cause you to gain weight. That’s because you tend to cook with only natural, wholesome ingredients and not processed, ready-to-eat or “just heat in a microwave” junk from the store.

Healthy Home Cooked Meals

The message is really simple in this particular tip for losing weight. That is to prepare and cook your own food. And if you can’t cook, then it’s about time you learned, from scratch if necessary. That way, you do something that is fundamentally important to your health and that is you get to control exactly what you are eating.

Okay, you might say that the supermarket has a great range of healthy meals that are easy to prepare in the microwave, saving time and effort. And who has time to cook these days? If you are affirming this idea to yourself, then you are missing the point completely.

If your life is so busy and you have so little time to do the very basics for yourself, then isn’t it about time you re-evaluated what you are on this planet for? Hint: it’s to live, not merely to exist.

There’s the nub of the problem for so many people. They have forgotten that life is for living and instead rush their way through each day without giving any time to themselves. Instead they are giving it all to their jobs or to other people. That includes the family, but not on a sharing capacity, more on a total giving up of your own life in order to serve rather than to share. But this is not meant to be about the philosophical debate of life. This is about your health and reducing your weight.

Make the time to cook meals at home. If your partner comes home from work and slumps on the sofa in front of the TV, get them to join in and share the load instead. Because, when you think about it, your health should never be seen as a “load” or a “chore.” It should be the most important thing to you.

And living on a diet of supermarket ready meals, takeaway food and junk is not good for your health. It’s likely the very reason you are overweight and also the reason you’re reading this in the first place. All that processed food is not good for you, no matter what it may say on the label.

If it’s been prepared and packaged by someone else, you cannot know for sure what’s in it. There will almost always be preservative chemicals for starters. High levels of salt, sugar and saturated fats are par for the course.

That’s because these foods need to be made as cheaply as possible to make a healthy profit for the manufacturers. Otherwise they simply wouldn’t make them. So don’t delude yourself that they are made for your well being. They’re not. They’re made to make the manufacturer rich.

When you prepare and cook your own food from fresh, natural ingredients, you control what you eat and cut out a lot of that extra salt, sugar, fat and additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG) with all the health risks associated with them. You can choose to cook without salt. Fresh vegetables steamed are much healthier than canned, frozen or processed. Fresh cuts of meat have not been pumped full of MSG and hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats) to bulk them out.

Lastly, when you create your own meals, you also control the size of your own portions. They should be smaller than you are used to because that’s another way you will lose weight rather than maintain your current overweight figure. Think about that!