How to Apply The Right Yoga Diet

There are two common but essential ways to start applying the right diet for yoga:

Know the recommended foods to eat while practicing yoga.

Yoga is practiced along with the right diet as this is an overall health-friendly practice. In order to go on the right diet, you need to know the right foods to incorporate in your yoga diet.

The recommended foods when practicing yoga are fruits, grains like oats, wheat, and etc, unsalted nuts and seeds, herbal teas, fresh juices and water, all types of vegetables especially spices like garlic, tofu, beans, other spices like ginger, mint, etc. as well as other natural, unrefined, non-fatty foods. These are the right foods to eat because they contain natural nutrients like protein that are helpful to your body and mind and these are also foods that have healing properties that can help yoga.

Know the foods you should limit and avoid while practicing yoga.

If you want to apply the right and proper diet for yoga practice, you must limit the intake of cer- tain foods and avoid certain foods as well. You can do this if you know what these foods are.

Foods to limit and avoid when doing yoga are meat, fish poultry and eggs, products that contain animal fats be it oil or butter, fried foods especially those that are deep fried and with the use of animal oil, refined flour and sugar and products containing these, foods that are overcooked, alcohol, drugs, cigarette, processed and canned foods, junk foods, too spicy foods, and other foods that are not considered real food.

These foods contain ingredients that are not helpful to the mind and body or eating too much of these can already hamper the results that yoga can give you.

How to Dress Properly

What you wear during yoga can make or break the session so it is right to know how to dress properly during a toga session.

-Wear light and thin clothes.

In order to perform yoga comfortably, wear thin and light clothes like cotton leggings, tank top, light shirt and shorts. Do not wear heavy pants and dress because they can affect how you perform your poses and your relaxation.

-Wear not-too tight and not-too-loose clothes.

Not-too-tight clothes can give comfort while you are doing yoga as they do not stick too much to your body and give discomfort when sweating. However, you need to wear not-too-loose clothes so that it also wouldn’t cause accidents while you are doing your yoga poses.

-Wear light and thin sweater if you are in cold climates.

Since you cannot control the climate of a place, you can wear sweaters but make sure they are light and thin so they won’t give discomfort while doing yoga at the same time, you would be kept warm.

-Don’t wear jewelry.

During a yoga session, it pays when you stop wearing jewelry and other accessories. Jewelry and other accessories may cause accidents while doing yoga and may only cause distraction when meditating and relaxing.

How to Select The Right Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat can also give or take comfort away while performing yoga so it is a must to select the right yoga mat. Here’s how:

Choose a thin and light yoga mat especially if you are on the go.
Thin and light yoga mats are very convenient to carry especially if you are doing yoga somewhere.

-Consider the size of the mat.
Choose a mat that’s just the right size for you. If you are too huge than the standard-sized yoga mat, you might consider choosing a larger mat.

-Consider its stickiness.
This refers to how the yoga mat sticks to the floor. It is important that the yoga mat sticks well on the floor so that it won’t come loose during your yoga poses. However, it is also important to ensure that your yoga mat really sticks on the floor and not on your body and give discomfort and distraction every time you move.

-Choose a mat that’s easy to clean.
This will save you from inconvenience in case the mat gets stained as you can easily get it cleaned.

-Consider its traction especially when it comes in contact with your perspiration.
Choose a mat that reacts well with your perspiration and won’t become slippery. This can save you from accidents brought about by wet mats due to your perspiration.