Find Your Motivation Place

In this article I want to look at the things that motivate a person to lose those extra pounds and to examine where that motivation actually comes from. It may surprise you to learn that motivation does not necessarily need to come from within.

Motivation is All Around You

When you think about it, you can draw motivation from all around you as well as from that well of will power that you have residing within you. If you’re not sure how to find those external motivating forces, then think along these lines:

How do you think your children see you? Do they see you as a slim, fit parent or as an overweight, unfit parent? If you are reading this, chances are you fall into the latter category and you are actively seeking ways and means to do something about it.

So there’s a great motivator, right in front of your eyes. Your children’s view of you! Let your need to impress your kids that you are working on becoming the slim, fit parent they want you to be become your source of inspiration and motivation!

What about your friends? Do they see you as fit and slim or unfit and overweight?

How about drawing motivation from your need to show your friends that you are a fighter and that you are determined to shed the excess flab and get yourself into a fitter better looking body!
See where you can draw motivation from? They are just two examples but there are plenty more around you to make use of.

So get out there and find your motivation from places other than just within yourself. Mean to workout for someone else that you really care about and if you ever feel yourself wavering or wanting to quit, think of their hopeful faces looking up at you with a smile that says they’re so proud of you for your achievements and you know what? You won’t have the heart to quit!

That’s because if ever you don’t feel like doing a strenuous workout any time, just remember that its not just you who misses out, you’re doing it for them too!

Have Patience with Food

How much patience do you think you have with your food? This article looks at why you should exercise patience when it comes to food if you really want to lose weight. In fact, after you’ve read through it, you’ll realize this is a great trick for cutting down on unwanted calories!

Weight Loss Food

When an overweight person prepares a meal for themselves, they generally put way too much food on the plate and because they have been conditioned to eat up everything on that plate, they eat too much and that means they consume too many calories for the amount if exercise they get in order to burn them off. That results in weight gain, which is usually the opposite of what people want, unless of course they are bodybuilders, in which case they will deliberately eat more to build muscle bulk.

But few of us are bodybuilders, so for the rest of us, in order to balance the number of calories going in to the number of calories being burned, we need to exercise some control over not just what we eat but also how much we eat.

Enter the technique of portion control. This is a neat trick you can use on your self to get you to eat less and it’s as easy as anything and there is a fail-safe that comes with it! The idea is to put a smaller portion of food on your plate than you would normally. You eat your meal as normal but before getting up and heaping some more on the plate because you feel you didn’t eat enough, wait 20 minutes.

That’s it! Just add that wait time to the end of your meal. Get up from the table and go do something else. Wash up and put the plates and cookery items away. Clean up the kitchen. Anything that will take you about 20 minutes after you just ate the sensible portion of food you gave yourself.

After the 20 minutes is up, see if you still feel hungry. I’ll bet you that nine times out of ten, chances are you won’t.
Here’s the fail-safe. If you do still feel hungry, then go get a little more. But I stress, a little more, like in a few small spoonfuls. Not another meal sized heap!

If you can master this technique and not trip yourself up by convincing yourself that you do still feel hungry after the 20 minutes even when you don’t, then you will have mastered a big part of the weight loss strategy and be on your way to a slimmer, healthier and better-looking body!