About Us

Drew Matt lives the Meditation and Yoga lifestyle his self and has written several book series about the topic of meditation and yoga.

Drew Matt is also a very passionate health author and publisher and has written several book series about the Smoothie Lifestyle and the Paleo Smoothie lifestyle as well as Fast Juicing and a series of Health Recipes for Life because she integrates a healthy lifestyle with her meditation and yoga lifestyle.

His story of recovery from an incurable illness has inspired him over the years to help many other sufferers around the world to take a peak into the wonderful world of meditation and yoga and that she combines with a healthy and nutritious selection of ingredients. he has found a cure of her Asthma and sleeping problem by sticking to a combination of these 5 key components:

  1. The Meditation Ritual
  2. The Yoga Ritual
  3. Healthy & Nutritious Eating & Drinking Ritual with a scrumptious Smoothie,Juicing, and Paleo Lifestyle
  4. Minimalism Ritual (including things like Feng Shui, Tea Ceremony, Declutter, Organization)
  5. Productivity Ritual (including the workplace and private life with things like outsourcing, work from home, 3D printing, and things that make work and play easier and more fun)

People remember him because he changes lives with scrumptious recipes that provide people with some powerful health benefits. he is also known for making a healthy smoothie diet or better yet a healthy smoothie lifestyle achievable and realistic for regular people who are not able to spend a lot of money for expensive ingredients or who do not have a lot of time because they are busy.

He gives them a real solution for their busy lifestyles.

Drew Matt was born and raised in Memphis where he spent most of her life growing up in the beautiful country side.

The country not only taught him how to appreciate natural foods, but also how to appreciate the use of fresh, organic and gluten free ingredients in His cooking and lifestyle.

His love for what the country had to offer quickly turned into her passion for cooking with a purpose. Each food and each ingredient is a gift of good and helps heal, cleanse, energize, or benefit the body in some specific way.

Being able to assemble the knowledge about meditation, yoga and foods and ingredients that are beneficial for the body and brain has enabled her to heal Him own illness even though he has been discouraged by her doctors who told His that her illness was incurable.

Based on His own results and the results of her clients, Drew Matt loves to teach other people how they can achieve their own inner bliss and peace with meditation and yoga and how to cook the healthy way. She shows people how to follow a healthy and happy lifestyle based on mindfulness and with a purpose because He is using the proper ingredients. He shows people how to achieve specific results. He also loves to always include 5 minute quick and no fail techniques so that even the busiest people can have success with him teachings and methods.

In order to share and put out His message that the proper ingredients and food in combination with a light meditation and yoga workout have the power to heal the body, Drew Matt decided to start writing His own Website on meditation yoga, cooking, dieting, juicing, the smoothie lifestyle, the Paleo lifestyle, and many other health related and productivity and minimalism related topics that help people maximize their potential on the happiness, health and fitness level.

His ultimate goal is to help people achieve mental freedom, inner wealth and peace and balance, and a healthy body so that everyone can live a very enriched life.

In his mind a healthy body is the basis for everything else like physical wealth and financial wealth.

Financial independence and wealth is a logical development of a happy, healthy, fit, clean and lean body and brain and can easily be achieved by following some powerful productivity and organization methods.

He likes to use affordable means without sacrificing the quality so that everybody has the chance to change sick making habits into an affordable and healthy lifestyle with amazing results that everyone who respects the rules can achieve results in a quick and easy no-fail way and even if one thinks he or she is too busy.